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Dolly was rescued at age 11, by our director Kerri, from a terribly neglectful environment along with 11 additional Pekingese.

They were all 'show breeders' and had champion bloodlines and trophies. Sadly, the breeder stopped caring for them & placed them in crates in a furnace room where they lived 24 hrs a day. When rescued, they had burns on their bellies from laying in their own waste, ulcerations on their eyes causing some of them to be blinded, and severe matting of their coats that was pulling on their skin. Kerri immediately bonded with little Dolly and knew this sassy Peke was meant to be hers. Dolly absolutely loved Cupid, her blind furbrother, and became his 'seeing eye dog'. The two were always at each other's side, ate together, slept together, and caused all kinds of mischief together. She was an absolute doll (her name was so fitting!) and brought much joy & laughter to her family. Dolly lived for just 2-1/2 more years and suddenly departed from this life, leaving her mommy & Cupid devastated. We knew her life was something incredible and should be honored with a legacy befitting such a beautiful, precious, little lady. Dolly's Legacy Animal Rescue was founded on what would have been her 14th birthday, August 9th, 2013. It is our hope we are making her proud as she smiles down upon us.