About Daisy Daisy Doodle Rescue

Our Mission

Mission Statement:

To protect and advocate for Doodles in need through fostering and adoption while capturing the hearts of our community through outreach.

Our Story:

Daisy Doodle Rescue was started due to a growing need for support within the local Doodle Community. In 2020, Reba, her husband Chris, and her best friend Heidi decided to step up and become the voice for Doodles in need in the Greater Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. With a seemingly endless variety of Poodle mixes available, Daisy Doodle Rescue is equipped to help Doodles of all ages, sizes, and temperaments find their forever homes.

Our Namesake:

     Daisy Doodle Rescue is the legacy of our beloved Daisy “Doodle” Mae who was rescued from an intersection during rush hour traffic when she was just about a year old; she enjoyed many years of being a spoiled member of our family before crossing the Rainbow Bridge in 2017. Although she wasn’t technically a Doodle, Daisy would have loved to be front row for the comings and goings of rescue life - and since her nickname was Daisy Doodle, this namesake is the perfect way to honor her memory.

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